List of things I hate:

  • my uterus
  • the fact that I have to leave for work in twenty-five minutes
  • my finger because it won’t stop bleeding

Anonymous asked: sorry if that last anon was over the top i <3 you and if you want to punch my face tomorrow you can

LMAO thanks

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If I get my period tomorrow I’m going to punch someone in the face.



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Anonymous asked: Now I want a cookies n cream milkshake want me to get you anything loveydear?

Cookies n’ cream milkshakes are gross.

Anonymous asked: how do you know it's milkshakes and not lemonade or soda? I don't like soda, or are you referring to your bosom as milkshakes? I just laughed out loud cause I wrote bosom.

Yes to all.


I think the biggest turn on is knowing you turned someone else on.

Anonymous asked: are you saying i have a badass lion king shirt?

All I’m saying is I have the millkshakes and you do not.

Anonymous asked: oh wait boobs. now i'm going.